We offer English speaking assistance to help you locate the correct physician for any health care need that might arise.  Whether it be an emergency, a personal physician, a specialist or a diagnostic study, we are able to match (and schedule you) with the proper physician or facility.  It is very important to establish yourself with a personal physician should you live here in the area either full or part-time.  If you are coming for vacation and have specific medical needs, it is much better to contact us prior to your arrival in case an emergency arises during your stay here.


Our physicians meet high standards, are board certified, professional and reputable.  They are bi-lingual as well. We have physicians of all specialties.

We work with several private hospitals in the area.


As well, we offer referrals for physical therapy, chiropractor, dentist, complementary medicine and dialysis.

Phone: Cell 322 107 7007